Is phyllisia and jah cure dating dating with kids

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Is phyllisia and jah cure dating

If you're not smiling by the end of this tune, you might need another Red Stripe.

The career of contemporary reggae singer Jah Cure was interrupted by a lengthy court case and jail sentence, but none of this stopped Cure himself from continuing to create.

In fact, some of 2009’s THE UNIVERSAL CURE, including the powerful “Reflections,” was written while Cure was in the penitentiary.

Her determination and dedication in music and education throughout her early years made it possible for her to attend both prestigious music and scholastically competitive schools, Bak Middle School of Performing Arts and Alexander W.

Born in Hanover, Jamaica on October 11, 1978, the young man with the voice of a canary snuck out of his bedroom window late at night to visit local dance halls and stage shows.

At times, he also visited the annual Reggae Sunsplash shows in his community.

unconditional love Woaaah [Verse 1:] 1st of January Said you starting over Your heart's been in remission Making a new beginning (yeah) And it's been six months since you got sober Taking a new position To make a better decision Then you head to the corner store And forget what you went for Just as soon as he says hello...

hello [Chorus:] You never see it coming Then the next thing you know... unconditional love She ain't looking for no diamonds Ain't digging for no gold Just somebody to love...

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Initially using the name “Little Melody,” Siccaturie began his musical onslaught on the public.