Paypal pdt identity token for validating orders

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But once you understand the procedure,its really easy.

This tutorial will help you learn how to integrate Paypal with Word Press.

This form (when placed inside a template page code base) will generate a Paypal button inside that specific templates Word Press page.

For instance if you have post type named “books”, place the button code inside single post page of the book post type so that the customer can buy each specific book using the Paypal buy now button.

Now lets have a look at the fields mentioned above(Hidden field names), There are two methods in verifying a paypal payment.

You can use any one of them or both depending on your requirements Method 1 – PDT Method 2 – IPN Enabling PDT and getting the identity token This is the most preferred method .

I've also had several clents whose Pay Pal accounts have been frozen or payments reversed with no good reason, no proper explanation and no appeals process. I've finally been able to do something with paypal thanks to your article. I am a self taught C# programmer and have been struggling with this process for many years.

The payment gateway will post back to your portal's payment handler verifying a successful payment or possibly an error.

The portal will require SSL for secure processing of the payment response and the website must be publicly visible for Pay Pal to be able to post a response back to verify the payment.

Also if a setting on the Web Form Metadata indicates to create an invoice, one will be generated. Prior to testing, you must fulfill the requirements identified above, have setup the necessary Site Settings, created the payment checkout Web Form, and have created product records in CRM.

Paypal integration can be a pain if you are doing it for the first time.

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This method allows the portal to control the payment flow and does not require the portal to store credit card information which simplifies PCI compliance.

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